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Prairiehill Farm Wildlife

Wilds of Prairiehill Farm

Last updated 2012, 25 December

Our new farm has about 15 acres of woodlands along a creek. We've been cleaning up the deadwood and scrub for a couple years and have noticed more wildlife visiting the area. My wife decided I needed a trail camera to record what types of animals are passing through. I've had the trail camera mounted in various locations on the property over the past six months. Below are some of the nicer photos along with others I was lucky enough to catch with my handheld camera. The area has an abundance of raccoons and deer. During this year's hunting season an unfortunate buck was shot on adjacent property and apparently ran into our woods where he eventually succumbed to his wounds. I found the poor guy's final resting place near the creek where the carcus is providing a food source for numerous canivores. It seemed like a good place to set up the trail camera and within a few days it recorded a bald eagle and one or more red-tailed hawks. I will update this page when there are new discoveries or really cool pictures. Click on the each slide to zoom in for a closer looker. Then use the browsers back arrow to return to the gallery. Enjoy!